Bayou Country Superfest 2019

If you are a country music fan, there is simply no better place to hear the music you love, live, on stage, than at the Bayou Country Superfest in Baton Rouge. The 10th anniversary celebration will take place on Memorial Day weekend, May 25 and 26, 2019. LSU Tiger Stadium will provide an incredible backdrop to accommodate the crowd. Spend your holiday weekend enjoying music and fun. This event is well-known for bringing in some of country music’s biggest musicians.

Though the Superfest was held in New Orleans the past 2 years due to renovations taking place at Tiger Stadium, it is now returning home to Baton Rouge and reverting to its 2-day event.

During the festival’s first 7 years of being in Baton Rouge, tailgating was a big part of the festival. Baton Rouge is recognized as one of the top college tailgating cities in America and knows how to throw a pre-party. The tailgating event is called Fan Fest and takes place prior to the Bayou Country Superfest on the Tiger Stadium Plaza.

Come and experience a weekend of musical performances, dance, and enjoy Louisiana food, cold beverages and more – all the things Louisiana and Baton Rouge is known for.

The Stockade Bed and Breakfast is located only 6 miles from LSU Tiger Stadium.

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