Some Like it Hot: Louisiana Hot Sauces

One of the hallmarks of Cajun cuisine is its zesty flavors and seasonings. Every Louisiana cupboard worth its salt has at least one bottle of hot sauce inside. However, each Southerner has his or her own favorite brand of the spicy stuff.  At THE STOCKADE Bed & Breakfast we serve three of the most popular brands:

The most famous Louisiana hot sauce has to be TABASCO, which is labeled in 22 different languages and sold in over 165 countries. Made by the McIlhenny Company since 1868, the brand’s Original Red Sauce is made on Avery Island from crushed capsicum peppers, salt, and distilled vinegar aged in barrels for up to three years.

Crystal Hot Sauce was created in 1923 by New Orleans residents Alvin and Mildred Baumer, who made the first bottle at the plant on Tchoupitoulas Street. In the 1940s, Baumer Foods grew rapidly as the popularity of Crystal hot sauce skyrocketed. Each year, over 3.2 million gallons of hot sauce are shipped from the Louisiana plant to destinations in over 28 countries across the globe.

Original “Louisiana” Hot Sauce is the  pioneer hot sauce of Louisiana. One of the very first commercially available Cajun food products, the brand has been making sauce from sun-ripened cayenne chile peppers for over eighty years.

Breakfast at the Stockade wouldn’t be complete without these iconic brands of hot sauce.  Be sure to stay at The Stockade Bed and Breakfast on your next trip to South Louisiana.

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