Spontaneous Combustion Event Held at The Stockade

There are plenty of local venues where cultural aficionados can experience live music, but there are few venues that allow art-lovers to experience live art. Spontaneous Combustion, an art event that pairs local musicians and artists, is here to fill that gap.

This painting of The Stockade's side patio was painted by Alex Harvie at our recent Spontaneous Combustion event

This painting of The Stockade’s side patio was painted by Alex Harvie and TJ Black at our recent Spontaneous Combustion event

Recently, the Stockade Bed and Breakfast hosted a Spontaneous Combustion event. A small audience gathered to watch as musicians improvised on drums, guitar, and harp while artists painted to the beat.

While Joel Willson, the event’s organizer, performed on the violin alongside his fellow musicians, painters Janene Grodesky and Alex Harvie mimicked the band’s rhythms with their brushstrokes.

“The night was an interesting mix of fun and creativity, and I really felt like a part of the art that was taking place through music and painting,” said David Benedetto, an LSU senior who attended the event.

Spontaneous Combustion was founded by Daniel Willson, his brother Joel Willson, and their friend, Ben Herrington. Spontaneous Combustion has been performing together for the past three years at various local venues. The group’s mission is to spread the love of art in the Greater Baton Rouge community — a mission that we fully support here at The Stockade!


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