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N’Awlins Style Pralines

brown pralines with nuts sitting on clear plate on tan table

Pralines can be found in shops all throughout Louisiana. Why not try to make your own using this simple New Orleans recipe.


1 c. white sugar                   
1 c.  light brown sugar packed             
½ c. evaporated milk                                  
4 T. butter                 
2 t. vanilla extract                
1½ c. toasted pecans


Put sugars and evaporated milk in a 4 quart saucepan and cook on medium-high heat stirring constantly until 240 degrees Fahrenheit on candy thermometer. Add butter and vanilla, continuing to stir. Next, add pecans until blended.

Drop spoonfuls onto buttered parchment paper until cool (about 25 minutes).

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Prep Time: 1 Hour
Total Time: 1 Hour
Servings: 20-30

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